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Lauren Taylor Design Co is the result of my passion for partnering with new, small, and medium-sized companies that want to amplify their branding or overall business presentation. I have nearly a decade of experience in developing innovative digital and print designs for clients in a broad range of industries including consumable goods, clothing, pharmaceutical, event planning, pr, and hospitality.


This diversity of work enables me to mix styles and genres and I draw inspiration from pop culture, fashion, and the multitude of industries in which I work. I am highly adept in layout development, branding/logo design, website design, print, and new media advertising. I graduated from the Art Institute of California - San Francisco with a Bachelor's degree. Outside of work I'm a busy mother, wife, candle maker where I co-own Kind Good Company with my mom!


But enough about me, I want to help you achieve business growth and development through forward-thinking design strategies. Over phone, video, email, and even text, I'll be your partner and work one-on-one with you to ensure an individual approach is taken with every project. Each step of the way I'll ask the right questions and use your feedback to determine the design solutions to help your business succeed.

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