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Graphic Design Phishing Scam - Jordan

Original Message:

First Name: Jordan Craig falsev

MESSAGE: I need your service for an advert.

Nothing too out of the ordinary with the first message, it's vague, but most people are when they are looking for a designer.

My response:

Hi Jordan,

What type of advert are you looking for? Print or digital?


Jordan's response:

Hello, sorry for the late response,I will be needing you to build a world class website for our newly about to be opened restaurant. I will want you to create the website within the space of 4 to 5 weeks, no prolongation about this.I said 4 to 5 weeks because the interior decoration of the website is the only thing left and it will be ready by that time, so i want both the restaurant and the website to start running the same day if possible........


2. My website is under construction which will be registered soon.

3. Full text content, background music and pictures for this design contents will be submitted to you by my project consultant. You just have to handle the layout and the design

4. I want you to add our core values, mission and vision (This information will be provided by the consultant)

5. My budget for the 3 videos is not more than $7000

6. I want this delivered in 5-7 weeks to the latest.

7. Videos will be copyrighted to me and made from your studio/workstation. My Goals and about the project: You will produce 3 videos, each featuring a different template as selected by me (see below), with an approximate segment time of 120 seconds each. You will deliver 6 videos (1080p); 3 original raw videos and 3 edited videos, one for each original video. Below are the inspirational video templates below:

3. All videos will have background music and company logos which will also be delivered to you by the project consultant. CRAIG RESTAURANT is a pet project and at the same time a business avenue for me. I have been a vegan for 30 years. To my customers, CRAIG RESTAURANT should be able to provide clean organic food with adequate/essential nutritional formulations and derived minerals that can improve the value of life of all vegans. Our uniqueness will be a privilege of our 4 new locations around New York and online stores. Other project essentials: I want you to know that this is the first time I will be doing an advertisement video so I can only give you little details but you can give a better price quote and work based on the sample templates given above. Kindly get back to me with: (1) a price estimate/quote based on the inspirational videos : (2) your cell phone number: (3) And will like to know if you are the owner ? Keep safe and protect yourself from the virus. Regards,

Ah once again the CAPS. Right then I knew it was a scam. This email was also ALL OVER THE PLACE! I almost wonder if he even took the time to look at my website because nothing on my site shows that I produce videos. These scam emails also LOVE to say its their "first time", ok...

With a simple google search I found matching scams.

If the email doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

Stay safe out there fellow graphic designers!

Jordan is this you?

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1 Comment

Just received this one too from the same email address. Thanks for posting their information. Always asking "can I pay by check" and pre disclosure of budget range is a red flag. Stay safe out there good digital peeps!

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