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Graphic Design Phishing Scam - Raymond

In a perfect world scammers wouldn't exist, but since they do I'm collecting all their messages out there for other designers.

Francis Raymond's email address beware!

First message:

Hello, This is Raymond, how are you doing? I would like to know if you are available for graphic and illustrator design services.

I knew this was a scam right off the bat. 9 times out of 10 if someone wants your graphic design services they will be specific about what they want.

It was also odd that I was Bcc'ed on this- Raymond must be busy finding emails to scam.

My response:

Hi Raymond,

What type of services are you looking for?

Raymond then got back to me the next day:

Hello there, I want you to know that this is the first time I will be doing a design so I can only give you details then you can decide on Colours and designs. I need you to make 3 designs writing " GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME HE WILL BE GOOD" in the design and 3 designs writing "THOSE WHO TRUST IN THE LORD SHALL FIND NEW STRENGTH". making 6 designs. I need you to include religious images like a cross or dove bird to make the design look more different and my budget for the design only is $1500.

YA'LL I GOT THIS SAME MESSAGE A YEAR AGO! They can't even generate new content for their own scams!! Click here to view Larry's same scam.

I was feeling a little spicy this morning so decided to respond:

I got this same scam like a year ago. Recycling old content or just going on the internet and copying and pasting existing scams?

If you wanted to scam someone maybe try people who make more more money and are a little more clueless. We do spend 90% of the time on a computer. We do Google things.

Is this you Ramyond?

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